Friday, May 16, 2014

Live On Air

Last week we interviewed this guy named Trenton. We learned a lot about his degree in cinematography! We also learned that he went to Southern Illinois in Carbondale.  He made two music videos so far that I have seen. And I would say those videos were fantastico! He said he uses story boards to help him. They are like little maps.  But I really don't like working with storyboards because I think that's more work. Anyways Trenton said every client comes up with ideas off the wall.  But he still can make it work. He also networks with people. Because he likes what they're doing and he thinks that they should work together. He owns and founded his own company. Which is now located in Atlanta,Georgia. Thanks for reading my blog stay tuned in for my final and last one! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Learning Graphic Design

A couple weeks ago we interviewed Mireya. Now we are being nice and sharing it with you so read closely.  Mireya went to the Art Center of Design in Pasadena, California.  Her degree is bachelors of fine arts.  Her career is graphic design but at first she wanted to be a lawyer, but then realized she was interested in graphic design.  Now she is working on a lot of projects. She has her own business in her apartment, and she has owned her own business over seven years. She likes working with pencil and paper because she can express herself more. I like working with pencil and paper because I can draw. And I like drawing.  With design she said it starts with many problems. She said she likes for people to give her bad feed back if that's what's needed. She doesn't want them walking around having to deal with that design if they don't like it.  She also said she think we will be interested in many things. I liked this interview because she show us her art materials. By the way she has a lot of color pencils and pencils. This was one of my most fav interviews because she showed us what she worked with. She even showed us her work pad with her sketches! So I hope you learned what we did. Oh yeah and I'm going to have her design me a pair of those new shoes. I wonder what she will say? 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Interview with a Computer Genius

 The class of 2025 interveiwed Chris Streeter the Co-Founder of Educreations. We learned so much about Chris, and we would like to share it with the world. Chris went to UC Berkley in California, and he graduated with a degree of computer science. His ideas for Educreations started while he worked at a company, and him and his friend wanted to do something more interesting. So that's when they made Educreations. Educreations is an app were you can create learning videos. He said computer programing is based on math, and it is like a different language. His sixth grade teacher inspired him to do his career. Khan academy inspired him to make Educreations. He made Educreations because teachers didn't have time to help students that needed help. Chris is interested in education because most of his family members was teachers. He likes getting feed back from teachers and students. Chris and his partner are working on saving your work in progress. They are working on lots of things based on feed back. So that's what we learned.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Learning About A Pharmacist

This week we had a live interview with Samantha. That's right in our class room! Samantha went to Southern Illinois in Edwardsville. She wanted to become a pharmacist because she was good at math and science.  Samantha works as a pharmacist at St. Mary's Hospital in Illinois. Her job is like a safety officer because nurses and doctors call her and she  picks the right medicine so patients become healthy again. We also learened that she needs to stay calm,because if she give a paitent the wrong medicine something can happen. So like if she gets frustrated and mess up some medicine that is a big deal, because that may be the wrong thing for the patient. And the patient can overdose. That's what I learned about a pharmacist and I hope you learened a lot too.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Learning to Become a Better Blogger

This week we the class of 2025 interviewed Jackie. Jackie went to South Carolina University. At first she wanted to be a dentist but Scott was her inspiration of being a journalist. She is a Associate Director of Student Media. She works with college students. Her job is to critique the students work in the newspaper. Her advice for her students was to reread there work and ask themselves how do they know it. Also she said that if you publish something incorrect it is hard to get your reputation back. Jackie said reviewing your work is very important, and sometimes your first idea is not your best idea.
 Jackie's advice for the class of 2025 is you want to be sure all your facts are correct. It's really really important that you triple check your before you publish it.She said I think you should find a mentor in college.I'll be sure to use her advice to become a great blogger. Thanks for reading my blog!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Meticulous Elizabeth

This week we interviewed some one special. We interveiwed Elizabeth, the reason why she is special is because it is Mrs. McKearn little sister. Elizabeth went to IU she picked to go to IU because of their art program. When Elizabeth was in college she said she was very shy and did not have friends following her around. But when she graduated people called and asked for her advice because she is a alumni of IU. Then she moved to New York City to work for Christian Cota in fashion. Elizabeth said she was happy when she got her job. She works with celebrities to help them find an outfit that's right for them. Once she even helped Christian Cota design a dress. She gets pictures of the celebrities wearing Christian Cota and then post them online. Elizabeth said they had to work as a team or they would not get anything done. And she works with some people in California. Her hobby is reading books about dogs. When she is done working for Christian Cota she said she is going back to college to help people with drug and alcohol abuse. That's what I learned about Elizabeth!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Learning about Construction Management

The class of 2025 interveiwed someone new. We interveiwed Myron he  is a construction manager and  a fitness trainer. He taught us a lot, but before I get started there is one thing you should know. Myron likes to get to know you before he tells you about his-self. Myron was born in Flint,Michigan. When he was a child he liked to build towns out of pop tart boxes and Legos. That's when he knew that being a construction maneger was a good job for him. So he picked MSU as his  college because he knew it was good for him. When he graduated he jumped right into work. He moved to Las,Angles to start construction management. Then he moved to New York to be fitness trainer. He said he loves New York sometimes and he said pick what you want to be and share it with someone you trust. And he also said it is hard running two bussiness. Thats what we learened about Myron.